Explore Croatia

Full of colours, full of nature, full of islands to discover, full of World Heritage, full of flavours, trails,
relaxing moments and adventures.

At the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, with a long maritime border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea. 
Dubrovnik is a delightful walled city, overlooking the calm blue Adriatic. Once the capital of the mighty sea-faring Republic of Ragusa, it is now Croatia’s top upmarket destination - Lord Byron described it as the "pearl of the Adriatic". The pedestrian only Old Town – is packed with noble palazzi and elegant Baroque churches, contained within the medieval fortifications. Beyond the walls, attractions include wine bars, classy seafood restaurants and five-star hotels.
Lopud Island is known for having one of the best beaches around Dubrovnik - it takes about 50 minutes to cross over to Lopud from Dubrovnik. 

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