Weather in Canary Islands

Balearic Islands Climate

The Canary Islands are known as “The islands of eternal spring” due to the island’s year-round mild temperatures. The mild climate is mainly due to the island’s location in the Canary current which is a cool southwest ocean current.

All year round The Canary Islands have warm, sunny weather which averages from 17˚C in the winter to 24 ˚C in the summer. Although the climate is stable here it is not uncommon to see temperatures reaching 30 ˚C in the height of summer.

Due to being next to Western Sahara and Southern Morocco, the Canaries are blessed with being one of the sunniest parts of Europe with an average of 3000 hours of sunshine and 4800 hours of daylight each year. Alongside the long hours of sunshine, the Canary Islands offers fresh sea breezes, warm waters and breath taking natural volcanic landscapes.

Alongside the amazing climate, waterparks, golf, whale watching, hiking and many other activities, it makes The Canary islands a firm favourite holiday destination.

Weather in Canary Islands

Canary Islands Weather