Weather in Croatia

Croatia Climate

The weather across Croatia does not vary too much from north to south, however you will typically find the south slightly warmer.

The Dalmatian coast is home to a Mediterranean climate boasting long hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is generally moderate year-round towards the north but towards the south it follows the typical Mediterranean climate of dry summer and mild winter pattern.

June till September you will find 10-12 hours of sunshine per day with temperatures in the high 20’s, occasionally reaching the 30’s in the very height of summer. Croatia has a low humidity so even in the scorching heat it is bearable. You are never far from the crystal waters of the Adriatic making this a hugely popular destination for city trawlers, beach dwellers and sea swimmers.

Dubrovnik in the south sees minimums throughout the summer of 14-16 ˚C and maximum daily temperatures of 25-28 ˚C. In the summer season the city only sees around 3-6 days of rain a month making it a very popular tourist destination.

Weather in Croatia

Croatia Weather