Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus Climate

Located in the Mediterranean, south of Turkey, north of Egypt and southeast of Greece, Cyprus enjoys the sunny Mediterranean climate. Its proximity to southwest Asia makes Cyprus one of the hottest areas within the Med, especially during the peak season.

Weather in the Cyprian coastal regions is known to be fantastic no matter what the season. From long dry summers, mild rainy winters to year-round sun. The average high temperature will typically be in the mid 30s, however, on occasion reaching to the glorious 40s.

Larnaca for example being at the lowest altitude points in Cyprus, you will typically find June till September will see an average of 30 ˚C whilst July and August will see an average of 32 ˚C. During the summer months there is often no rainfall and the mid to high teen temperatures of the winter makes this a must have destination for year-round sun seekers.

Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus Weather