Driving Itinerary for Greece

Driving Itinerary

Driving on the Greek Islands is well-worth it if you are an experienced driver. With winding mountain roads and vantage points that overlook the sea, the journey is a stunning one with some outstanding places of interest that draw many tourists year after year. Here’s our top places to visit:
Driving in Crete, Greece


An island separated from the southwest coast of Crete by a shallow warm lagoon. Elafonisi stands out for its soft powdery sand which is composed of the remnants of tiny pink seashells which when pink, depending on wind and motion of tides, can be very pink. White Mountains Forest: Home to the deepest caves in Greece along with its most famous of gorges, Samaria. Visit the Mountain desert or the Omalos Plateau for some spectacular landscapes.


Crete’s must-see historical attraction just 5km south of the capital, Heraklion. Get lost in the villages: Sometimes the best way to explore a destination is to just drive and see where you end up discovering some of the islands most spectacular views and traditional villages.
Crete Driving Itinerary