Weather in Greece

Greece Climate

Greece is a large country that has many different climates, for the most part the weather follows a typical Mediterranean climate. Long hot summers and mild winters can be found here.

With summer in Greece tending to start in the month of May and ending in September you will typically find that there is only two seasons here, making Greece a top destination all year round. Temperature rise in May will often be in the mid 20’s rising to the mid 30’s during its peak. Combined with the cool breezes in July and August meaning low humidity and a comfortable break is to be had.

December is the wettest month of the year which can often bring storms, perfect for those budding storm chasers out there, however typically there is still plenty of sunshine and mild weather to be had then.

Away from the cities and beaches, Greece is famous for its mountains. Over four fifths of the country consist of breath-taking mountains and hills. The highest peak in the country being Mt. Olympus at 2917m. The mountains themselves have a very different climate which is typically Alpine and cooler. Many of the mountains remain snow covered for several months of the year – Not something you would associate with Greece although a huge draw for those looking for a little more adventure.

Weather in Greece

Greece Weather