Driving Itinerary for Madeira

Driving Itinerary

The west of Madeira is full of drama with high sea cliffs and terraced banana plantations placed neatly in the mountainous countryside. Since the tunnels have been built, Madeira has
never been more accessible.
Driving Itinerary Madeira

Câmara de Lobos

Just 5km outside of Funchal, this typical fi shing village is named after the Mediterranean Monk Seals and inspired Winston Churchill to paint is fascinating surroundings.

Cabo Girão

The highest sea cliff in Europe will present you with breathtaking panoramic views.

Porto Moniz

A perfect place for a pit-stop. This area is famous for its series of natural volcanic pools created by reefs in the coastal lava rocks.

São Vincent

One of the most predominant villages of the northern coast of Madeira island. The volcanic caves which is a popular tourist attraction can be found here.
Madeira Driving Itinerary