Belleair New Website

Belleair Holidays are pleased to unveil our brand new website.

At Belleair we’ve been using the time during lockdown to redesign our website so it’s even more helpful for our partner agents. This will make bookings to Malta and our other wonderful destinations easier and faster.

We are providing a number of new features to improve user experience, enable swift transactions and support the anticipated post-lockdown surge for bookings on Malta and Gozo. It’s even simpler now to log on and book-up!

What’s new for agents?
We all need to save time and recoup losses. Our dedicated Agent sign-in service means you can keep an easily-accessed record of your bookings. It also helps us process your request more quickly and accurately. This mutually beneficial process guarantees a better booking journey and is also incentive driven in the form of our LOVE2SHOP vouchers. You can conveniently view all secured bookings under the manage booking section. Call us on our new free phone number. Use our easy-to-view or download PDF and flip book brochures.