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Turkey is rather unique when it comes to its climate, with 7 different areas being vastly different at any one time. This is due to its position bordering the Black Sea and Armenia to the northeast, the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest. Because of Turkeys position geographically, it is difficult to pinpoint a climate for the whole country.

The Marmara region is home to Istanbul, the largest City in Turkey. Here you will find the typical weather to be that of a cooler Mediterranean climate. The cool currents of the Bosporus strait (Istanbul strait) is a big attraction for experienced swimmers.
Summer in Istanbul runs from June to September with July being the warmest month, typically the temperature is around 28 ˚C.

Antalya follows a typical Steppe climate with hot summers and very cold winters. Temperatures range for 26-32 ˚C in the summer to -2 in the winter.
In Antalya and the further south and east regions, you will find a typically Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters without huge temperature extremes which follows a typical two season climate. With an average annual temperature of 28 ˚C you will often find the summer months reaching as high as 45 ˚c

Weather In Turkey

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